About us

Architectural studio with an inventor’s mentality

Founded in 1990 by Moshé Zwarts and Rein Jansma, ZJA has now grown into an architectural studio with more than 50 employees. Under the enthusiastic leadership of Rob Torsing, Reinald Top, Ralph Kieft, Erik Smits and Kay Oosterman, we work on various (inter)national projects, mainly in the areas of infrastructure, sports and leisure.

Construction and creating spaces - solving and designing - go hand in hand at ZJA. In the quest for the best combination of technology and aesthetics, both sustainability and innovative technologies such as parametric design are an integral part of our design process. At our office we do more than designing. Because you create the best things when you share and have fun together in your profession.

Zwarts & Jansma

ZJA is an architectural studio with an inventor’s mentality. Founded in 1990 by Moshé Zwarts and Rein Jansma, it started out with the name Zwarts & Jansma Bureau for architecture and product development. Before founding the bureau, Moshé was professor of construction methods in both Delft and Eindhoven. Rein was an autodidact with a fascination for the relationship between art, technology and science. 

Designing by making

The bureau has never used drawing tables, since the rise of computing was immediately embraced and explored to its full extent. ZJA still designs by making. Construction and the creation of spaces – solving and designing – go hand in hand. 

And because of the use of innovative technologies, such as computational design and AI, we can reduce extremely complex tasks to apparently simple solutions.

Research, testing, building and collaborating

On this website we therefore want to show more than simply beautiful images of completed projects. What makes our office unique is precisely the route we take to get there and how, during that creative quest for something that does not yet exist, we discover where the difficulties lie and come up with solutions that work. 

Research, testing, building and collaborating are what ultimately results in all those projects of which, together with our clients and partners, we are so exceptionally proud.

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