Albert Cuyp parking garage is nearing completion


The underground Albert Cuyp parking garage in Amsterdam, a design by ZJA Zwarts & Jansma Architects, is nearing completion. For the first time since February 2017, water is flowing back into the Boerenwetering, the canal on top of the parking garage. Monday afternoon, a slider was opened in the sheet pile wall allowing water to steadily refill the Boerenwetering to a final depth of 2.5 m. As of April 21st, boats can again pass through the canal and traverse the roof of the Albert Cuyp parking garage.

Once the water over the roof has reached the same level as that of the canal, divers will remove the under water sheet piling. The parking garage, which accommodates 600 cars and 60 bikes, will open a few weeks later.

To relieve the current strain on parking in the Pijp area in Amsterdam, the city of Amsterdam is constructing the Albert Cuyp parking garage; the first parking garage under an existing canal in Amsterdam. In this way, the limited space in De Pijp is efficiently used. Once the parking garage is completed, 300 parking lots will be removed at street level, allowing more space to be created for landscaping, pedestrians and cyclists.