Inauguration new lock Harelbeke


On May 27th, one of the most impressive parts of the Leiewerken will be inaugurated; the new lock in Harelbeke. The new lock opened for shipping on the river Leie in March and is twice as long as the old lock. This weekend the lock will be opened festively and visitors can sail on a boat through the new lock.

As part of the plan to provide a connection for large vessels between the Scheldt to the Seine basin near Paris, the lock at Harelbeke has been radically enlarged and renewed. Together with landscape architect Bureau Bas Smets, ZJA Zwarts & Jansma Architects made the design for the new lock and banks of the river Leie in Harelbeke. By constructing greenery, terraces and stairs, the banks on both sides have become comfortable places to stay. Both the Moleneiland and the Hogebrug, as well as the larger new lock and the adjacent pumping station, are part of the design of the river landscape. Ultimately, the plan must strengthen the relationship between Harelbeke and the river.