Nelson Mandela sports centre inaugurated



Yesterday, the new Nelson Mandela sports centre in Neder-Over-Heembeek was inaugurated by the mayor of the city of Brussels and in the presence of the ambassador of South Africa. The sports centre has been constructed by mainly using natural materials such as natural stone, wood and a canopy made of canvas. In addition, it is a modern and energy neutral building that has high-grade insulation, solar panels and a circuit to recycle rainwater.

The Nelson Mandela sports centre consists of two floors. To offer an optimal view of the sports fields, the areas on the second floor have a glass facade. In addition, daylight has optimum access to the different areas. An inviting staircase leads the visitor to the light central hall that is surrounded by glass and that offers views in all directions. On the stands, a large canopy offers protection against wind and rain. The new sports centre is located in a green surrounding on the perimeter of Brussels.



Nelson Mandela sports centre, Neder-Over-Heembeek

When developing a sports centre in the precious green open space bordering a big city, the number one priority is the harmonious merging of…

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