Opening of bicycle parking facility P+R Kralingse Zoom

On 27 September Vincent Karremans of the Rotterdam City Council opened the new supervised bicycle parking facility at the P+R Kralingse Zoom. Here you can park your bicycle free of charge and immediately switch to public transport. The design by architectural studio ZJA is carefully fitted into the surroundings, complete with greenery, and the covered garage has room for 390 bicycles.

Parking on the edge of the city

In 2013, ZJA designed a parking garage for the P+R Kralingse Zoom that is 175 meters in length with space for more than 1,000 cars. In part, it straddles the metro tracks, and it bends along with the curve in the motorway. With its striking open frontage featuring light-colored slats in an intriguing wave pattern, it is an eye-catcher for passing motorists, while for users it is a pleasant, light space. To expand the transport interchange with better facilities for cyclists, in 2020 Rotterdam Council commissioned ZJA to design a high-quality, supervised bicycle garage.

The covered transit area on the north side of the building, once designed as extra space for the bus station, turned out to be the perfect place for the cycle parking facility. Its addition increases the functional quality of the park and ride, and our design enhances the visual quality of the building. The open and green front wall of the bicycle garage is in keeping with the outer wall on the other side of the building and boosts the vitality of the surrounding public space.

Kay Oosterman, architect-partner ZJA 

Clearly laid out and a pleasant atmosphere

The frontage consists of green gratings that have recesses with space for plantings. This ensures it makes an open impression, and it also means that the building is light inside and feels safe. A striking entrance, four meters wide, with a spacious reception area makes a welcoming gesture. The long sightlines, transparent attendant’s room and good lighting enable supervision and create a pleasant atmosphere.



Bicycle parking P+R Kralingse Zoom, Rotterdam

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P+R Kralingse Zoom, Rotterdam

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