As an architect Reinald describes himself first and foremost as a strategical thinker.

‘What fascinates me most is the visible and invisible context in which a building or infrastructural work should function. And then come up with an idea of how it should be designed and built. With strategic I mean specifically that I think side by side with the client, as an entrepreneur and try to get a clear vision of what a building should do and evoke in a forcefield where functionalities, interests and an existing environment play a part.’

By instinct he chooses the helicopter view and goes to work within the bounds of a strategic vision. The challenge is to keep that vision alive while finding a balance between the choices and the technical and esthetic possibilities that exist.

‘The more complex it gets, the more I like it and the best outcome is when we succeed in organizing the process in such a way that all different disciplines cooperate and can fully contribute. As a member of the board, that’s how also how I look at ZJA: to make space for all the forms of expertise and talent we have aboard here and make strategic decisions to make the most of them.’