Roof of transparent cloth and wooden rafters

In 2009 a new stand main stand for football club Telstar in Sportpark Schoonenberg/Velsen has been opened.

The new building completely changes the appearance of the Tata Steel stadium. The dark, elegant main façade, the large glass entries, the exceptional roof above the stand and the natural materials all reinforce the image of Telstar as an ambitious and modern club.

The two-storey building spans the whole length of the field. The façade consists of anthracite brick which turns darker when wet, shimmering softly. The main entrance with its large glass wall is situated right in the middle. Through a high hall and an impressing staircase one reaches the various areas. On the ground floor one finds the home for the players, dressing rooms, treatment room and other facilities. On the first floor the areas for the business audience are situated. The large windowpanes guarantee an excellent view on the game. Both these lounges can be separated into two rooms that can be reached separately through the side entrances. Therefore they can easily be rented to different parties when there are no games.

The stadium, situated on an old rural estate in Velsen, is surrounded by a lot of green. The design reacts onto this by using natural materials. This can best be seen on the stand itself: continuous wooden rafters carry a roof made of light transparent cloth. Thanks to this uncommon solution the seating area always remains well-lit. The interior with its business lounges also profits – they too remain light despite the canopy.

Client: Midreth
Project: 0416