ZJA enters Swedish infrastructure market with Hjulstabridge


An important part of the work of ZJA Zwarts & Jansma Architects consists of the design of transportation infrastructures including routings, (movable) bridges and viaducts. ZJA’s architecture aims for clear solutions, which combine ecological, social and aesthetic aspects in harmony. Proposed investments in Swedish infrastructure have created business opportunities for ZJA in Sweden, one of which is the Hjulstabridge project.

The Hjulstabridge on road 55 in Sweden connects the municipalities of Strängnäs and Enköping and is an important passage over Lake Mälaren in Uppsala County. The road has a relatively low standard of road safety and accessibility, which is why it is prioritized in the county plans.

The Swedish Transport Authority, Trafikverket (TRV), has drawn up plans for a new Hjulstabridge. The purpose is to enable larger cargo vessels to travel the route on Lake Mälaren. The options are a new bridge in a new stretch of crossing or a rebuild of the existing bridge.

The current bridge has an overall length of 1.000 meters, a sail-free height of 6 meters and was built in 1953. It crosses the general maritime route between Södertälje and Västerås / Köping and is trafficked annually by approximately 2.000 vessels and thousands of pleasure boats.

A team including VR Infrapro AB, ZJA and Calluna AB has been commissioned by TRV to investigate and propose the various options for the new Hjulstabridge, making this ZJA’s entry into the Swedish infrastructure market.

The assignment aims to provide TRV with various design options. These options will address a possible rebuild of the existing bridge off-set against a new bridge, the position of the bridge, whether fixed or moveable, horizontal - and vertical clearance, and respect for a nearby Natura 2000 area. Of all options, one will then be selected for preliminary design, as basis for Design and Construct (D&C).

Supporting ZJA, Bosch Slabbers Landscape + Urban Design will provide the landscape design. Structural support will be provided by Iv-Consult.