Swimming pool, Hardenberg


Today, 26th of June Elderman Douwe Prinsse of the city of Hardenberg and Mr. Joost Coolegem of BAM utility officially started the build of the new Hardenberg swimming pool by ZJA.

The new pool will be part of the overall ‘Sports Boulevard’ which will be developed in the years to come. This Sports Boulevard will accommodate a variety of disciplines such as Athletics, a Beach Volleyball court a new swimming pool and sports arena.
ZJA’s new pool basins are specifically orientated on the South side. Other functions such as restrooms, storage and catering are situated North. These functions will also be used by Hardenberg’s new Sports Hall in the future.

The interaction between the in-and exterior of the pool is encouraged by the clear and transparent character of the layout. A fully glassed plinth accompanies each visitor from the entrance to the lawn.
In essence the building is organized in two main basins: one for recreational use, the other for competition. Both pools are situated on ground level thus creating a natural divide based upon pool depth. The difference in height strengthens the spatial character, creates natural places and convincing sight-lines. The strategically placed, spacious staircases contribute to the overall quality of the pool’s interior.

From the first sketch durability has been an important aspect of the design and build. Construction, building materials and installations are optimized to cooperate in achieving maximum result.

The building is to be completed in 2015.

Project: 0747