Pier of Scheveningen

June 1st, 2015

Within a short period, the iconic Pier of Scheveningen is being thoroughly renovated and prepared for a re-opening. ZJA has been asked to co-design the regenerated pier.

In autumn 2013, the Pier of Scheveningen closed its doors. A piece of Dutch heritage was in danger of disappearing. KondorWessels Real Estate and DanZep, united in The Pier B.V., bought the icon, to transform the Pier into an international hotspot at sea, offering a wide variety of contemporary and innovative concepts.

ZJA has been asked by The Pier B.V. to create the design for the renovation of the Pier, in collaboration with Menno Kooistra Architects.

In the first phase, particular attention is being paid to the entrance, the promenade, the three islands and the integration of a ferris wheel. In this, the idea is to develop a unique quality for the Pier. In doing this, a conscious connection to the city behind the dunes is sought, while at a smaller scale the connection to the beach is strengthened and the offerings are made dependent on the season.

With the planned opening of the Pier this summer, a laboratory is created where different, sustainable, ideas can be developed and tested. As an example, a desalination plant on wind and solar energy is possibly to be researched, so that potable water for the Pier can be extracted from the sea.

It is also being examined if the heating of the Pier in winter and the cooling in the summer can be achieved using seawater.


Client: KondorWessels Vastgoed/DanZep

Project: 809