Renewed Thialf - Ice Arena of the future


In January 2017, the new Thialf will officially be opened, though already on November 5th the ice arena will open its doors to the public during the open day. During this day, visitors can visit the new ice arena for the first time and take part in various activities. Besides skating, there are demonstrations of short track, long distance ice-skating and figure skating. In addition, one can also skate on the 400m track for the first time.

Everything in the renewed Thialf ice arena, designed by ZJA, is focussed on the ice and the skaters. This vision has led to a new ice arena with a completely new design. Due to the glass wall around the 400-meter ice rink, all areas overlook the ice. This literally puts sport in the centre and stimulates maximum interaction. The glass wall is iconic for the experience of the renewed Thialf. Although the volume of the new ice arena has doubled, the number of 10.650 seats remains the same. Innovation and sustainability are of great importance in the renewed ice arena. For the interior design of Thialf, ZJA worked in close cooperation with DAY Creative Business Partners.