The Parallelstructuur A12 consists of an expansion of the road network around Gouda and the construction of two new roads, the Extra Gouwekruising and the Moordrechtboog. On December 22nd , the Parallelstructuur A12 will be inaugurated by Melanie Schultz, Minister of Infrastructure and Environment and Floor Vermeulen, Deputy of Traffic and Transport of the Province of South Holland. The next day on Friday, the Parallelstructuur A12 will be opened for traffic.

The design of the Parallelstructuur A12 aims to unburden the roads and to improve the traffic flow around Gouda. Last Saturday, visitors were able to visit the new Amaliabridge across the Gouwe and the new roads for a day, on bike or foot. Over 3000 people paid a visit to the new bridge and roads.

Commissioned by the Province of South Holland, ZJA worked closely together with Bosch Slabbers Landscape Architects and Heijmans in producing the architectural design.