Renewed Thialf officially opens its doors


After two years of renovation, Thialf will officially open its doors. On January 27th, the king of the Netherlands, Willem-Alexander, will inaugurate the renewed ice arena with an opening ceremony for the short and long track race competition. Beforehand, a show will be staged about the history of Thialf.

In the renewed Thialf Ice Arena in Heerenveen, designed by ZJA, everything is all about the ice skaters and the ice experience. In the renewed ice arena, top athletes have access to the fastest ice and the best 400-metre lowland track. Innovation and sustainability play an important role in the renewed Thialf. Moreover, the temperature and humidity are easy to adapt to specific requests and needs. The experience is enhanced by using blended white and blue colours, and the transparent promenade surrounding the competition area. After two years of renovation, Thialf is again the fastest and most modern lowland ice arena where skating records are broken.

For the design of Thialf, commissioned by Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling, ZJA worked in close cooperation with the construction consortium consisting of Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling, Croonwolter&dros, Warmtebouw and Day Creative Business Partners.