Inauguration bicycle and pedestrian bridge Sittard-Geleen


The new bicycle and pedestrian bridge in Sittard-Geleen provides a direct connection between the district Sanderbout and the SportsZone area around the Fortuna-Sittard stadium. In addition, the bridge offers an alternative bike route to the city centre. Last year, the bridge deck was hoisted across the railway tracks into her final position. Tomorrow, alderman Ruud Guyt will inaugurate the bridge. ZJA will also give a presentation about the architectural design of the bridge.

The new bridge has a graceful hourglass form and symbolizes a connection. The bridge fans out from 4.40 meters in the middle to over 13 meters at the abutments. The bridge consists of four entrances and makes an inviting gesture to cross. Comfort and approachability of the crossing were the main principles of the design.