Millions of litres of concrete for parking garage Jaarbeursplein


This week, eight million litres of concrete will be poured into the excavated Jaarbeursplein, in Utrecht, to create the floor of the underground parking garage. In the past months, the parking garage has been excavated down to a depth of 12,5 m. Early this morning, the pouring of the concrete started. Friday, around midnight, the job will be finished. Nearly 900 truckloads of concrete for the 1m-tick floor will have been poured by then. After that, the concrete must harden for about two weeks, after which all the water will be pumped from the cofferdam. Following that, construction on the underground parking garage will continue. It is expected that the new underground parking garage Jaarbeursplein and the square above will be completed in 2018.

In one year time, a new square and an underground parking garage that offers room for over 700 cars will be ready at the west side of Utrecht Central Station. Simplicity, clarity and sustainability characterize the parking garage, that was designed by ZJA. A well-designed lighting plan, such as continuous light linesĀ for the lanes, contributes to a clear overview and a spacious parking garage. The glass roof of the atrium at the entrance allows for daylight to enter the parking garage. In addition, a future increase in the number of charging points for electric cars has been taken into account.

Photographs: CU2030