Exhibition 'Unlimited Craftsmanship'


Last sunday, the exhibition "Unlimited Craftmanship" with works by, among others, Rein Jansma, was opened in the ABC Architectuurcentrum Haarlem. During this exhibition, twelve architects show their other work and its relationship with their architecture.

In addition to their profession as an architect, many architects also practice another (semi) professional art discipline. As an example, many pieces of furniture carry the name of an architect as the designer, Berlage, Van der Velde and Rietveld. It is well known that many architects are involved in shaping applied art: fashion, jewelry, tableware and vases. In addition, several architects are engaged in the more 'free arts' such as painting, sculpture, glass art or, for example, composing music. Their creativity is actually "limitless" and is not restricted to architecture alone and expresses itself in other ways.

The interior design of a skybox in the Amsterdam Arena is the result of 'playing with materials', says Rein Jansma. "I played a lot with waste cardboard and a laser cutter." He describes his method as a constant search. "My starting point is curiosity, not a message I have to convey. This generates a lot of new ideas and new products. "

The participating architects are Rein Jansma (laser cut cardboard), Max van Aerschot (paintings), Juan Alonso (design / furniture), Hanneke Barendregt (glass art), Cees Dam (tableware/glassware), Martijn Hüting (sculptures), Han de Kluijver (glass art), Henk Spreeuwenberg (sculptures), Gijs van Thienen (photography), Rob de Vries (mixed techniques) and Herman Zeinstra (drawing art).

The exhibition 'Unlimited Craftsmanship' can be visited till September 24th at the ABC Architecture Center in Haarlem.