Amy Sterrenberg

My greatest fascination lies in the use of generative computer models to support the design process.

After a childhood in a riverside village in Gelderland, Amy’s great talent for and interest in mathematics and technology pointed the way to the TU Delft. At first she thought the course in Maritime Technology would offer her what she was looking for.

It turned out to be rather too much about technological calculation and I felt the creative and discovery side was lacking. After a year I switched to architecture.’

It was immediately clear where her greatest fascination lay, namely with the use of generative computer models to support the design process. In her final project for her master’s, she investigated the deployment of Artificial Intelligence as a supplement to computational design.

Immediately after leaving university, in August 2023, she found a job at ZJA, where she set about creating a parametric design for a station roof. She also took part in a research project about generating designs for complex buildings.

'It’s a great place to develop myself and one thing I share with the bureau is a love of creating spaces that work for everyone and are valuable to everyone.’

In her free time she likes to cycle or walk. She also loves to travel, although it means she has to find someone to look after her two rabbits and her collection of plants. Through fellow collectors, she is actively searching for rare tropical plants, because of their astonishing leaf shapes or extraordinary flowers.