Eco resort, Abu Dhabi



The location of the resort is in the east of Abu Dhabi, where the original landscape is still very open and protected. Therefore one of the most important starting points is to preserve the local environment and keep it as intact as possible. And also to minimize the damage to the inhabitation of the local protected animals especially Arabian Oryx.

The nature of the place and the modest distance from the main city make it the prefect spot for a short escape for. They can spend their quiet weekend here without going too far. So the privacy of each chalet is one of the biggest concerns of designing.

We figure out a solution to meet these two main concerns, which is the underground patio. The design of the patio is local and classic but with a modern touch. The form of the arches is more squarish which offers good sunshades to the corridor around the patio. The pool functions as a small swimming pool and with a Jacuzzi in the end having a direct connection with the bathroom. The advantage of the underground patio is not only to offer a maximal privacy but also it meets the high standard of sustainability because the better cooling and minimal impact towards the landscape.

To meet the need of different households there are three basic sizes of chalets, which refers to the standard sizes of location house. There are one-bedroom chalets for couples, two- and three-bedroom chalets for small and big families. But all types share the same size and style patio so the quality of atmosphere isn’t compromised by the quantity of rooms. The bedrooms and living room are located in opposite short side of the patio. The purpose is not only to create a buffer between resting space and activities, but also to keep the form of each chalet standard and make the construction easier.

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