Hidden oasis in the city.

The 5th bridge contains a surprise: in the middle of the bridge pedestrians encounter a hidden green oasis. It is a place which provides peace right in the centre of one of the craziest cities on the planet.

The structure touches down in four elegant arches, like an animal stretching to reach the other side. The heart of the bridge hides its real treasure: 5000 square meters of lush green. Palm and fig trees, almond, pomegranate and orchids are shaded by Mashrabiya (brises-soleil) - the perfect counterpart to the rushing traffic on the 12-lane bridge deck underneath. The green lounge is surrounded by public facilities, such as a restaurant, an open-air theater or a future Institute for Ecological Education.

The secret garden offers an excellent view on the other bridges of Dubai: a view on both the biggest and tallest concrete arches in the world and the Dubai Smile's inverted metal arch.

The Oasis will not be visible from the banks of the Creek. It only reveals itself to those who cross the Creek. Pedestrians walk into the 'legs of the animal', where they can take an escalator to the secret garden while watching the Creek and the traffic to the airport and Sjeikh Zayed Road.

Oasis Bridge will be iconic on various levels of perception: to the arriving visitor, looking out of the window of an airplane (seeing an animal stretched out to reach the other side of the Creek), to the pedestrian moving through its body (towards the secret Oasis) and to the cab-drivers, residents and visitors passing the bridge.


Project: 513