City under the City in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is bursting at the seams: the space is limited and the narrow streets are often congested. The architects ZJA further developed a concept by Dutch engineering company Strukton, which foresees a city under the city.

AMFORA (Alternative MultiFunctionele Ondergrondse Ruimte Amsterdam – Alternative Multifunctional Underground Space Amsterdam) solves the space and traffic problems of Amsterdam: almost 50 km of tunnels will be built underneath the canals in the town centre. They will accommodate extended parking space, sport and leisure facilities like cinemas and others.

Right after leaving the Amsterdam ring road A10 all car traffic will be directed below street level. Residents and visitors will reach the city centre underground. Spread out at regular intervals over the multi-storey tunnel system one finds cinemas, supermarkets, swimming pools and other sport facilities, keeping the underground city alive. Good design creates comfortable and inviting spaces where it is pleasant to spend time.

AMFORA is CO2-neutral. Heat pumps provide the energy for heating and cooling. Excess energy could be used for temperature control in the buildings aboveground. Moreover, the Amsterdam air will improve: exhaust fumes will be filtered using state-of-the-art technology, particulate matter and other harmful substances will therefore no longer reach the atmosphere.

The plan is being discussed intensely in Amsterdam. The city authorities have already signaled interest.

In collaboration with Okra landschapsarchitecten, Delfttech

Winner MIPIM Future Projects Award 2010 (Big Urban Projects) for Amfora Amstel