In his family one usually becomes a doctor or a banker, but Anurag’s interest was drawn early on by architecture, and in particular by the artistic and investigative aspects of it. The adventure really started when after completing his bachelor he left his city of birth Jabalpur in India to study at a university in the south of India.

‘It turned out they had quite different ideas about architecture down there. Traditional and less commercial than in the North. It was fantastic to learn how much more in harmony with nature they were trying to build there, for instance how they used natural materials and courtyards inside the houses to enhance passive cooling

During an internship in Romania he heard about TU Delft’s programs for sustainable and parametric design. Not long after that he moved to Delft, where he liked the freethinking atmosphere and the freedom to experiment, and did a master in parametric design.

He is comfortable at ZJA, as he enjoys the inventor mentality that hovers there and the fact one encourages the new applications for parametric design.

My favorite buildings to design are stadiums and stations, because of the complexities involved, but also because you are building for so many different people.’