Client Parsons International assigned the architects ZJA to design the Dubai World Trade Center pedestrian bridge. Located at the recently widened 312th Rd. It spans over 70 metres connecting the World Trade Center complex with the adjacent carpark.

The brief was to design an inviting pedestrian bridge which not only has an iconic character in regard to the city fabric but at the same time allow its users a safe and comfortable way to cross. The majority of Dubai’s pedestrian bridges use a sturdy box-girder construction. The initial design-brief for the WTC pedestrian bridge opted for this same principle. We quickly realized the prime location of the WTC would benefit most by introducing a different complementary quality. By pushing the envelop of the initial design brief we presented 3 different options which derived their inspiration from local qualities such as; Sand Dunes, Sea Waves and Sea Shells.

At our presentation His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum preferred our light and spacious space-frame variant which was inspired by the Sand Dunes surrounding the Dubai Metropolis. The DWTC pedestrian bridge consists of a combined special framework of two separate spans of 35 and 40 metres which cross the Road. This framework is covered with translucent membranes to provide shade from the sun, these membranes are inspired by the flowing lines and shapes of Sand Dunes. The space-frame construction method allows both for a generous spatial feel with width of 4.5 metres and a freestanding height of about 3 metres. At both ends of the bridge, two elevators and a staircase are situated in a large framework, positioned square to the bridge.
During conferences and fairs, the DWTC attracts over 75.000 visitors.

At the beginning and end of a trading day, this results in considerable congestion in the areas near the existing pedestrian crossings and the pick-up & drop-off zone.

ZJA obtained this assignment from Parsons Overseas Ltd and the Dubai Roads & Transport Authority.

The Dubai World Trade Pedestrian bridge is ZJA ‘s first realized project in the City of Dubai. ZJA is currently engaged in a number of projects in the Emirates and the Gulf region.

Client: Parsons International
Project: 0735