Erik knew from an early age he wanted to be an architect, and shortly after graduating from TU Delft he joined ZJA. Long discussions on design details do not get his heart rate up. He enjoys the role of project manager and finds most gratification in organizing and managing the work process in such a way that it carries the architectural quality of the design until the last day of building.

‘If we are working on a big project, the deadline is approaching, and the whole team has to dig deep, I get a kick out of making sure everybody knows exactly why he is doing his part of the job, in seeing that everybody’s contribution complements those of the others smoothly so that everybody feels appreciated while we are getting the job done. The successful combination of all these different perspectives, including those of external parties, is what I enjoy most in architecture.'

As a child he lived with his parents in the Middle East and Africa. ‘I find working with ZJA abroad extra attractive. Circumstances are often completely different, a lot of unpredictability comes into play. That can be frustrating, but usually I think the work becomes exciting when it all seems impossible.’