Opening Albert Cuyp parking garage, Amsterdam


The Albert Cuyp parking garage underneath the water of the Boerenwetering canal in Amsterdam, a design by ZJA Zwarts & Jansma Architects, has been opened. A unique project; it’s the first parking garage that has been constructed under an existing canal in Amsterdam. In this way, the limited space in De Pijp is efficiently used.

In the new Albert Cuyp parking garage there is room for 600 cars. Aiming to minimize the disruption of the public realm at the Ruysdaelkade, ventilation facilities, escape routes, exits and the main entrance are integrated with the public realm as much as possible. The integration of systems in the parking garage is also given much attention. The walls of the entrances are made of glass, allowing light and air to enter the parking garage and allowing easy orientation for visitors.

The new Albert Cuyp parking garage could be an example for other cities that have a limited space above ground. In addition, underwater construction in cities can be used for multiple applications. In the past ZJA, together with Strukton, already designed a plan for an urban expansion under the canals of Amsterdam; AMFORA. In addition to underground parking spaces, the plan also offers spaces for sports facilities, shops, cinemas and other recreational areas.

The new Albert Cuypgarage is constructed by Max Bögl and commissioned by the Municipality of Amsterdam, district 'Zuid'.

Photograph: ABT