Final activities pumping station Schijn, Antwerp


Next to the river Groot Schijn in Antwerp, the new pumping station Schijn is being built, commissioned by Beheersmaatschappij Antwerpen Mobiel, and part of the preparatory works on the Oosterweel connection. The pumping station will drain off the surplus water from the Schijn valley to the Albert Canal. The large viewing window in the pumping station that ZJA Zwarts & Jansma Architects designed is unique, allowing the migration of fish to be followed.

During the construction of the Oosterweel connection, the Antwerp Ring will be deepened at this location so that the viaduct of Merksem can be removed. To prepare the environment for these works the river Groot Schijn was rerouted and provided with a new pumping station; a large screw pump that is also equipped with storm pumps. The Schijn pumping station has fish-friendly screws with special pipes, allowing fish to migrate safely.

The building is centrally located in a new green area in Deurne, between Groot Schijn and the Ten Eekhoven valley, and will be pleasantly lit at night. Around the pumping station a translucent second shell is constructed of corten steel. This architectural shell ensures that the building, the fencing, the maintenance platforms, the access gates and the lighting are brought together in an uniform way.

This summer, all the final activities on the pumping station will be completed.