Opening extension P3 Parking garage Amsterdam Airport Schiphol


The extension that has been added to the existing P3 parking garage at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and for which ZJA Zwarts & Jansma Architects made the design in collaboration with Ballast Nedam, will be inaugurated today. In the design, the extension and the existing parking garage have become one and are united under a white roof with a striking canopy. The eye-catcher of the P3 Parking garage is the yellow structure of the stairwell that ensures recognisability and as a beacon guides passengers on arrival and departure.

ZJA placed convenience and traveller-experience at the very heart of the design by striving to provide a clear and simple orientation in the shaping of the parking garage. This resulted in a minimum of confusing incentives, efficient and short walking lines and good sight lines. Everything exudes clarity, functionality and ease of use in the design, giving passengers a maximum feeling of tranquillity, social security and the best overview.

The parking garage has a modest architecture that is characterized as a large, rectangular and floating volume with both an open plinth and an open space between the facade and the roof, making the building look less solid and giving it a light and spatial appearance. A white steel grid façade around the building functions as a voile and plays with the light. Due to the filtering effect of the mesh, the building is less dominant.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is one of the busiest airports in Europe with 70.1 million passengers a year in 2018. In the near future this number is expected to rise. This also increases the demand for parking space at the airport. To ensure sufficient parking spaces for travellers in the future, an extension of the P3 parking garage was required for long-term parking. ZJA is not only responsible for the architectural design of the extension, but also for that of the P3 parking garage that opened in 2016.