A Podcast about the 'Distinctive City’


A city is never finished. It can always be better, and everyone has an opinion on how. In each biweekly episode of the Pod-Stad series, Dirk Bakker, CEO of Colliers, delves into a different urban topic with two guests. On June 25th, Bakker discussed the 'Distinctive City’ with Rein Jansma, founder of ZJA and Caroline Gehrels, director of European Cities at Arcadis and former alderwoman of Amsterdam.    

Staying special in a global world

In these times of globalization, cities are becoming more and more alike. How does a city stay special and stand out in an increasingly interconnected world? With sharp questions and provocative statements, Dirk Bakker invites Caroline Gehrels and Rein Jansma to explore what makes a city unique and attractive.

Learning from each other

The result is an inspiring discussion that includes an elaboration on their favourite cities, thoughts on how policy tools can be used to enhance quality and diversity, an which ​​values matter beyond economic ones, as well as innovative insights from the pandemic and how cities can learn from each other. The listener also finds out which method Rein Jansma, as an architect, would like to develop and what kind of bridge Caroline Gehrels would like to build. Curious? Listen to the entire podcast (in Dutch) here.