Princess Amalia overpass inaugurated


On November 16th the Princess Amalia overpass on the second Maasvlakte near Rotterdam was inaugurated. The overpass, designed by ZJA Zwarts & Jansma Architects, significantly improves the accessibility of the container terminals on the Maasvlakte. Commissioned by the Port of Rotterdam, ZJA has made a design for the Princess Amalia overpass that merges with the characteristic landscape of the Maasvlakte.

With transport by container growing considerably and larger container ships being used, more containers are being exchanged between the different terminals in the port of Rotterdam. The new Princess Amalia overpass ensures a better flow of traffic on the Maasvlakteweg, allowing better accessibility of container terminals in the future.

On one hand, the challenge for ZJA was to make a design for the Princess Amalia overpass that was modest in appearance, material and color. On the other hand, the Princess Amalia overpass had to be in harmony with the design of the dune overpasses including the already completed Maxima overpass. An essential element of the design is the contrast between the dark walls of the ground barriers and the lite appearance of the overpass and the continuous border elements.

Photograph: Danny Cornelissen



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