Rob Torsing in jury of Hackathon Staalbouwdag 2023

On 3 October a number of multidisciplinary design teams will compete during the Hackathon Staalbouwdag to design the optimal structure parametrically with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Rob Torsing (architect and partner at ZJA) will be a member of the jury.

ZJA has worked with computational design right from the start and our bureau has always continued to develop in this field. With the help of AI we will now be able to make even better informed, integrated and sustainable designs, right from the initial sketch to the implementation phase. I therefore look forward with great pleasure and interest to the results of this Hackathon!

Rob Torsing, architect-partner ZJA

Sustainable design with the help of AI

AI tools are developing at a tremendous rate, and this brings with it huge opportunities for the construction sector to improve the execution of projects. But it is not yet clear how we can best deploy these aids. During this edition of the Hackathon Staalbouwdag, we will therefore take the first steps together in designing structures with the help of AI. The challenge is to optimize a design and to integrate an AI application into the design process, to reduce the environmental impact and promote sustainability.

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Staalbouwdag (steel construction day) is the annual trade event for all decision-makers in Dutch steel construction in the broadest sense: from clients, architects and structural engineers to contractors, steel construction companies and suppliers. This year the event takes place on Tuesday 3 October in the AFAS Theatre in Leusden. Attendance is free. You can register to attend at