Roxane grew up in Quebec, French Canada, and wanted to combine her interest in history and art with her talent for science and maths. She chose architecture and focussed on heritage and the transformation of historical buildings.

After graduating she worked as an intern at ZJA, which she liked a lot. It inspired her to choose as a graduation project for her master’s degree the integration of innovative design in the transformed Van Gent Hallen (old industrial site) on Oostenburg in Amsterdam.

‘I feel so much more at home with the way architecture is experienced in Europe. There’s much more attention to ways of making life better for everybody, to looking for new possibilities. In the case of public assignments particularly, like infrastructure, you can add so much value by paying attention to social, ecological and cultural elements.’

She applied for a job at ZJA around the time that the covid pandemic started, but she fitted in quickly, as she already knew quite a few people there.  She prefers to work in teams tackling large and complicated projects, like Amsterdam Central Station, that involve technical, social and historical factors.

In her spare time Roxane loves to travel and to go touring on her racing bicycle. But she also enjoys knitting and sewing.