Rudo has a clear notion of where his love for design originated, and that is the feeling of awe and admiration he felt as a boy when he watched pictures of airplanes, rockets and space stations. As a student of aerospace engineering he discovered that all that beauty and breathtaking streamlined looks was the result of endless calculations and model tweaking. To him it was too much of a rarefied affair and he turned to architecture, as a place where social issues, technical challenges and the role of beauty come together.

‘I like working in a situation where disciplines come together, in a team that aims to make all the different worlds collaborate. The ability to find a synthesis and still preserve the multifaceted character of a design, that’s what it comes down to.’

After having gained some experience at a firm that specializes in housing, he is happy to work at ZJA.

‘The reason is that there is this constant stimulus here to explore and invent, there is so much to discover and coming up with new and clever solutions is considered very valuable.’