Bridges connect Floriande Hoofddorp with recreation area

The face bridges designed by the architectural office ZJA connect the new residential area Floriande in Hoofddorp with the area on the other side of the Drie Merenweg/N205. The recreation area gets easily accessible for pedestrians and cyclists.

The closer one gets to the bridges the beter one recognises the faces on the railings. The abstracted images of men and women of various ages and even of babies depict 400 inhabitants of Hoofddorp.

The idea is simple: the photographs were rasterised, enlarged and transferred onto steel sheets. They were then perforated in order to create a realistic picture.

Approaching by car or bicycle, you recognise the faces the beter the closer you get. But once you're too close you will only see holes.

Cantilevers and sheets are done in weathering steel, also known as corten steel. Thanks to the rust layer weathering steel appears very natural. At the same time it preserves the environment because there is no need for a protective paint coating.

Nomination: Architecture Award Haarlemmermeer 2009

Project: #322