Stolper drawbridge, Stolpen

The replacement of the Stolper drawbridge is part of the redevelopment of the traffic junction N248 / N249 and is part of the road reconstruction between the Stolper bridge and the Schager bridge in the northern part of North-Holland.

The new Stolper drawbridge, designed by architects ZJA, is built next to the old bridge and is connected to the Dijkweg. The bridge has two separate balances, each placed on a slender balance prong. The bridge has an elegant but sober and restrained character, creating a dignified and modest appearance in the Dutch landscape. The architectural design of the Stolper drawbridge is inspired by nature and water. The bridge is characterized by its flowing form, which extends over the water as a wave or the flow of wind.

Both the seemingly bending balance with the droplet-shaped counterweight, and the detailed prong show curved lines in longitudinal direction, though in reality the cross section has a simple, prismatic appearance. The hexagonal and rectangular cross section extends in the longitudinal direction along the curved contours of which the ability to produce the organic form in steel was the main consideration. The flat plates have only a slight single curve and are assembled with long welding lines to form elegant curved elements.

The principle of the flowing design is also reflected in the rounded steel edging of the side of the bridge and in the concrete supports of the ramps, where the rounding of the columns is continued through into the bottom stroke beam. By using bright colours and due to its organic form, the bridge slowly integrates with and becomes part of the landscape.

The new Stolper drawbridge consists of two lanes for cars and a separate bicycle and footpath. The bridge is also considerably wider than the old bridge and can support heavy traffic as well.

Besides the construction of the new Stolper drawbridge, the project also includes the construction of the roundabout connecting the N249 and Dijkweg to the N248, and the construction of two new bridges and a new bicycle tunnel.

Client:Provincie Noord Holland
Principal: Sweco Nederland
Contractor: Combination Hillebrand - Beentjes
Engineering: Akerveld Engineer
Year: 2015

Project: #320

Photos: Akerveld Engineering



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