Sweco and ZJA prequalify for Fornebubanen contest in Oslo


For the design of the six new metro stations along the Fornebubanen in Oslo a design competition has been organised by the City of Oslo/Fornebubanen. The team comprising of Sweco Norge, Sweco Architects and ZJA Zwarts & Jansma Architects is one of the 14 candidates that have now been invited to participate in the competition. The Fornebuban is the largest subway development in recent times in Oslo.

The new underground line will be about 8.2 km long, extending from Fornebu Centre to Majorstuen in Oslo. Six new stations will be designed and built along the line: two stations in Oslo at Vækerø and Skøyen, and four stations in Bærum including Fornebu Centre, Flytårnet, (Telenor) Arena and a station at Lysaker. Travel time from Fornebu Centre to Majorstuen will be approx. 12 minutes.

Architect Rob Torsing: “For us, this is a first entry into the Norwegian infrastructure market, having earlier set foot in Sweden with the Hjulstabridge and having developed a concept for a buoyancy bridge for the Sognefjord in Norway in the past. It’s also an exiting opportunity for us to work together with Sweco Norge and Sweco Architects in Sweden.”

The City of Oslo/Fornebubanen received a total of 85 applications from various Norwegian and international offices wishing to participate in the competition for the design of the stations along the Fornebubanen. The purpose of the design competition is to find good architectural solutions for all stations along the Fornebubanen. The Norwegian Association of Architects (NAL) is involved in the process, and will assist the jury with the Fornebubanen proposals received. 

The deadline for the submission of the design - and architecture proposals of the stations is set at the end of June 2018. Then a jury will review the submitted proposals and decide who will be commissioned with a contract for designing a station. Each station is a separate design and design contest, and one winner will be awarded for each station.