The two tram bridges, designed by architects ZJA and part of the project 'Extension tram line 21/22 to Zwijnaarde' in Belgium, span the R4 ring road around Ghent, the Ringvaart and the E40 Brussels-Ostend. In addition to carrying a double tramway, the bridges also have a separate bicycle path that connects the centre of Ghent to Zwijnaarde.

The design of these bridges is in line with the project R4 south in which new cross connections add a special detail to the family of the civil engineering structures crossing the Ringvaart canal in contrast to other civil engineering structures that are sober in character. The tram bridge over the E40 was built directly next to an existing road bridge. For that reason it’s sober in design and has the same visual appearance as the existing bridge. This is in contrast to the bridge that crosses the Ringvaart canal, which has its own character and distinguishes itself from the adjacent road bridge. This bridge over de Ringvaart canal has been designed as a curved bridge and is part of the family of special civil engineering structures crossing the Ringvaart canal.

Project: #533