ZJA designs office lofts PIER14 Zwijndrecht


The business park PIER14 will be built in Zwijndrecht, by the Oude Maas, the busiest waterway in the Netherlands. Commissioned by The Quay Vastgoed, FRED Developers en Zwijndrecht Maritime Centre, architectural studio ZJA has designed four special office lofts, as the figurehead of the new nautical hub.

Nautical office lofts

In the design, ZJA combines sustainability and technical sophistication with a design language that refers to the nautical activity of PIER14.

Kay Oosterman, project architect at ZJA: “The design of the nautical office lofts is a reference to cruise ships and pleasure yachts. This is reflected in the glossy white, horizontal lines on the facade. The office lofts also have cantilevering balconies with a wooden deck over the entire length, which reinforce the relationship with the water and the maritime character.”

The new nautical hub will accommodate approximately 16,000 m2 of office space, 50,000 m2 of commercial space and 600 meters of quay and jetty. This week a new phase begins for PIER14, namely the start of the rental and sale of the office and commercial spaces. FRED Developers is developing the project, and is particularly pleased with the high-quality architecture of the office lofts.

Ad Roos of FRED Developers: “ZJA's design for the office lofts celebrates the water-rich environment and connects Zwijndrecht with the new area to be developed. The office lofts will be the new face of the business park on the water. PIER14 will soon form an architectural impetus for the home port of inland shipping.”

High-quality recreational space at the waterfront

ZJA designed a raised wooden deck, on top of which the office lofts come and under which there is space for cars, bicycles and motorcycles. A pleasant public space will also be created on the deck, with garden elements, places to have lunch, an outdoor gym and a green and well-organized pedestrian area. The refined architecture of the lofts will form a nice contrast with the robust, industrial environment and give a new impetus to the area.



Office lofts PIER14

Technical refinement with maritime character

At a bend in the Old Meuse in Zwijndrecht, just outside the Lindtsedijk, an industrial zone that until recently accommodated a concrete…

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