ZJA designs new public transport hub in Haarlem

Architectural studio ZJA, BoschSlabbers landscape architects and Sweco are combining their expertise to design a new public transport hub in Haarlem, on the Schipholweg. More than an ordinary bus station, it will be sited on a new city square and have a multifunctional character, with an underground bicycle garage and various facilities to ensure a pleasant wait, including a protective roof. A new pedestrian passage will connect the Schalkwijk with the Slachthuisbuurt.

Haarlem is faced with the challenge of remaining accessible and a good place to live despite its increasing growth. The transition – known as the mobility transition – gives priority to clean means of transport that occupy as little space as possible. This involves making less use of cars, so that travel within the city takes place as much on foot or by bicycle as is feasible. The new public transport hub will soon be one of three facilities in the city that enable regional journeys by high-grade public transport and at the same time have connections with the inner city by foot.

Reinald Top, architect and partner ZJA

Efficient and sustainable travel

The new public transport hub on the Schipholweg not only makes travel more pleasant and efficient, it also stimulates conscious choices between transport options. Important bus routes will soon come together at this hub, including rapid connections to Schiphol Airport, the Zuidas in Amsterdam, Hoofddorp and Zuid-Kennemerland. As well as strengthening local infrastructure, it will contribute to achieving sustainability ambitions.

Growth of housing and public transport in Haarlem

 Haarlem is growing in popularity as an attractive city in which to work, live and spend time. To meet this growing demand, the municipality of Haarlem wants to build no fewer than 10,000 new dwellings by 2030. Around the Schipholweg and the Europaweg, 1,600 homes are currently being built in three residential blocks.

The increasing demand for housing goes hand in hand with an increasing need for efficient public transport. The expectation is that public transport will grow by a full 50% by 2040. This growth will be concentrated at three locations in the city: on the Stationsplein in the city centre, in the railway zone Spaarnwoude/Oostpoort and around the future public transport hub in Haarlem on the Schipholweg.