ZJA signs contract in Seoul, South Korea


On July 3rd, ZJA Zwarts & Jansma Architects signed a contract in Seoul for a challenging research and development project. ZJA has been commissioned by GS E&C and the Korean Rail Research Institute (KRRI) to develop a system of large span elevated bridges for lightrail lines in the major cities of South Korea. Lightrail systems are typical to the design expertise of ZJA.

Research & Development

In the densely populated cities of South Korea, an underground metro has the preference over elevated, above ground routes that need to be integrated into the densely populated city. However, the construction of underground metro lines is expensive and has a much longer construction time.

KRRI has therefore been commissioned to investigate whether elevated above ground solutions can be developed that have less impact on the spatial quality in a densely populated city or that can even make a positive contribution in an economically viable, elegant, sustainable and innovative way.

Slender construction with a large span

The study will be conducted in close collaboration with Woosung D&C, Dong-A Engineering and C & SC CO. The team is given the task to limit the number of intermediate supports of the overpasses to a minimum and to make the construction as slender as possible. Furthermore, It is also important to keep construction costs low, so that transport costs will weigh less on the government budget.

ZJA is very proud of this assignment and feels extremely honored to be able to work with these reputable companies to solve mobility issues in densely populated mega cities.

The research will be conducted this year and a test track will be built in 2021.