Summer on the roof!


In Deurne, on the eastern edge of Antwerp and in the middle of the Groot Schijn Park, Sports Centre Sportoase Groot Schijn has entered its first summer. A summer bar has recently opened on the roof, with a delightful view of the green landscaping all around. What better reason to have some new photographs taken of this unusual sports centre, in which the sporting worlds of ice and water are united under one roof? The combination is unique, and it required a special design.

Ice and water united

Architectural studios ZJA and OM/AR have succeeded in cleverly interweaving those quite different functions to create a compact, easily navigable and user-friendly building. In the entrance, the circulation areas and the canteen, ice and water have been deliberately brought close together and within sight of each other. Despite this, the combination of the two in a single large building with a compact design does not make the interior seem centre or busy. Its multifunctionality has been designed from the point of view of advantages and shared requirements, and with a view to clarity and simplicity.

Compact and bright

The whole building has been devised around a core, where the functions shared by swimming pools and an ice rink are stacked on separate storeys. The way the building is divided up is intended to make it open and user-friendly, and this effect is reinforced by letting in daylight through the transparent roof and exterior glass walls. The views that unite the different floors and functions ensure openness and clarity, and high spaces and splashes of colour create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. In the summer months especially, it’s a joy to linger at the outdoor pool or at the summer bar on the terrace.

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