Last chance to visit the current Three Climate Greenhouse

The coming days you can still take a final stroll through the familiar old Three Climate Greenhouse at the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam. On Monday, February 26, the doors will close for an extensive renovation. In June 2025, during the celebration of Amsterdam's 750th anniversary, the renewed and fully sustainable greenhouse will reopen to the public.

Construction and sustainability on display

Kay Oosterman (architect partner ZJA): "ZJA's design for the Three Climate Greenhouse from 1993 is a striking example of the high-tech architecture from that time, reflecting the optimism of lightweight construction. We worked with components used in production greenhouses in the Westland, but applied radically different structural principles. An external skeleton of steel elements supports the characteristic greenhouse, covering an area of ​​no less than 1500 square meters. Just as visible as this construction, the Hortus wants to showcase the current sustainability efforts of the greenhouse. While our new design also preserves and even enhances the existing architectural value."

Steel and glass eye-catcher

Since the early 1990s, the Three Climate Greenhouse on Nieuwe Herengracht has been a prominent building in the center of Amsterdam. A clever, contemporary construction that fits surprisingly well into the historical surroundings. The ingenious combination of components from production greenhouses in the Westland and an external skeleton that provides structural strength through tension rods on the roof formed both a flexible and functional new home for the famous plant collection.

The attractive contemporary appearance in the centuries-old institution quickly became a crowd-puller and has remained so. But now, over 30 years later, the present imposes new demands. With the renovation, the Hortus aims to create a fully sustainable greenhouse. Not only as optimal shelter for the plant collection but also as a future-proof location that visually tells the story of biodiversity.

Fully climate-neutral public greenhouse with a recognizable silhouette

As in 1993, ZJA provided the architectural design. Thanks to insulating roofs and facades, the reuse of (rain)water, and smart energy-efficient climate systems, the Three Climate Greenhouse will become the first visibly sustainable, fully climate-neutral public greenhouse. With an improved experience, both from the outside and inside, while maintaining the recognizable appearance.

Renovation of the Three Climate Greenhouse

The existing characteristic main supporting structure, which is so defining for the Hortus, will be preserved. The distinctive rhythm and refinement of the existing facade with white lines, and the characteristic walkway inside, will also return in the new design. Single glazing in the facade will be replaced by insulating double glazing, and the roof will be equipped with lightweight insulating air cushions.

Due to the reorganization and the new climate installations, the plants will also benefit optimally from the building. During the renovation of the Three Climate Greenhouse, these residents will be temporarily relocated elsewhere. The garden and other greenhouses of the Hortus will remain open to the public during the renovation.



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