New website!

Architects, researchers, engineers and inventors. We are ZJA. And we proudly present our new website! Browse around and be inspired by more than just beautiful images.

Plenty of inspiration

Annemarie de Weijer (PR & Communications): “Our new website is more than just a showcase of the remarkable end results of our projects; it gives insight into our creative design process. Discover our design philosophy, approach to sustainability, thought process, unique expertise and the people behind it. For more inspiration, feel free to also read their personal stories on our team page!”

Researching, testing, creating and working together

ZJA is an architectural studio with an inventor's mindset, founded in 1990 by Moshé Zwarts and Rein Jansma as Zwarts & Jansma Bureau for architecture and product development. ZJA still approaches design with a focus on practical creation. Construction and creating spaces - solving and designing - go hand in hand.

Researching, testing, creating, and collaborating. That is what ultimately results in all those beautiful projects. Where ZJA - a passionate, international team of architects and engineers led by Rob Torsing, Reinald Top, Ralph Kieft, Erik Smits, and Kay Oosterman - is incredibly proud of!