Opening Sportcomplex Sportoase Groot Schijn, Deurne


Last weekend, Sports complex Sportoase Groot Schijn, in Deurne - on the eastern edge of Antwerp and in the middle of the greenery of Park Groot Schijn - opened its doors to the public. In this seventeenth location of Sportoase - designed by architectural firm ZJA in collaboration with OM/AR and commissioned by Sportoase - the sports worlds of ice and water are united.

Ice and water united in a compact building

You can swim and dive here, but also learn to skate or watch ice hockey matches and figure skating in the same building. This combination is unique, and that required a special design. ZJA and OM/AR succeeded in cleverly interweaving these very different functions into a compact, well-organized and user-friendly building.

Curious about the design? Learn more about the project here.

Sportcomplex Sportoase Groot Schijn: Architect: ZJA (Amsterdam) in collaboration with OM/AR (Antwerpen); Client Sportoase
 (Antwerpen); Landscape: OMGEVING (Antwerpen); Constructor Groep Van Roey (Rijkevorsel); Advisor Stabiliteit: Establis (Antwerpen); Advisor technieken: Boydens (Zedelgem)



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