ZJA is one of the first architectural studios in the Netherlands to be certified on step 3 of the Safety Culture Ladder. This instrument measures safety awareness in a company on the basis of five steps and encourages employees to consciously act safely.

Rudo Koot (architect ZJA): “Achieving a step 3 certification of the Safety Culture Ladder is special for an architectural firm. The external auditor was not only impressed by the safety awareness within our agency, but also by the strong and open corporate culture at ZJA. We are very proud of that.

Safe and healthy working environment

In workplaces with a high safety risk, such as construction companies, safety awareness is literally of vital importance.

But certification is also essential for the companies they work with. Rudo Koot says: “It is important that the Safety Culture Ladder can be applied throughout the whole chain, and that cooperation between all partners can also run optimally in the field of safety. We therefore look forward to continuing to work for an optimal level of safety within our office, our projects and the construction sites we visit.”