Three options for a bridge spanning Dubai Creek.

The architectural studio ZJA designed three very different bridges for a competition that asked architects to draft an additional crossing over Dubai Creek.

The Tube works as a horizontal landmark. The ‘body’ of the structure is organized around the main traffic axis and stretches from shore to shore. It radically separates the various kinds of traffic passing the Creek, such as traffic to local destinations and outbound traffic. The steel tube structure is in essence structural and uses arabesque motives. It is a ‘lean’ bridge, no unnecessary material is added.

L’Oiseau de Feu is a vertically oriented landmark and pinpoints the future centre of cultural life in Dubai - the “Opera House Island”. The design emphasises the bridge being the gateway to the opera house island. The three-forked road junction is derived from this main theme. Its high pylon is visible from far.

The Park Bridge is also a horizontal landmark. The pedestrian zone is extended into a covered “Educational Park”. Developable space is added to the bridge, which makes a programmatic connection between cultural city and festival city possible. The skin is covered with solar cells. Together with the added green in the park it will contribute to a healthier environment.