Together with Strukton, ZJA Zwarts & Jansma Architects designed an innovative plan for an urban expansion under the canals of the city of Amsterdam; AMFORA. Starting June 16th, the project will be part of the permanent exhibition The City Lab (Stadslab) of the Amsterdam Museum.

In this educational area children can explore the city of Amsterdam on the basis of various themes related to the city. One of these themes is 'The Smart City' of which AMFORA will be part.

The AMFORA project (Alternative MultiFunctionele Ondergrondse Ruimte Amsterdam – Alternative Multifunctional Underground Space Amsterdam) provides for the construction of underground spaces, under the canals of the city of Amsterdam; a city under the city. In this way, the urban space under the city of Amsterdam is better utilized. This makes AMFORA a smart solution for the growing shortage of space in the city.

The City Lab will open on Saturday at the same time as the exhibition 'The Most Beautiful City - Amsterdam through the eyes of Eberhard van der Laan', former major of the city of Amsterdam, and will be opened at 2 pm by Femke van der Laan.