Diamond Exchange, Capital C Amsterdam, MIPIM 2020 Awards finalist


The former Diamond Exchange, Capital C Amsterdam, in Amsterdam has been nominated for the MIPIM Awards 2020. The building has been nominated in the category ‘Best refurbished building’.

The Diamond Exchange, built in 1911, has been transformed into a center for the creative industry: Capital C Amsterdam. Following several additions, a fire and various renovations much of the original charisma had disappeared over the past. To fully restore the original qualities of the monument, the building underwent a major renovation designed by ZJA in collaboration with Heyligers design + projects, and largely returning it to the original Gerrit van Arkel design. The renovation included restoration of monumental features and adaptation of the interior for use as a modern, flexible office environment, besides the addition of a new eye-catcher of glass and steel dome named the High Light.

Reconstruction of original monumental features

As part of the restoration the original monumental features have been carefully reconstructed based on archive drawings and photos. Two striking towers on the roof, the original roof edge and timpanes from the original design by Van Arkel have been restored. Besides repositioning the entrance of the Diamond Exchange back to its original place also the entrance to the former Incasso Bank was reinstated. The authentic tile paneling of the entrance to the former Incasso Bank has been restored to its former glory.

In the monumental hall, windows have been added so daylight can enter easily. Together with the specially designed lamp in the hall a pleasant area has been created with plenty of daylight and room for exhibitions.

Startling spatial roof structure

The Diamond Exchange is not only restored back to the original design by Gerrit van Arkel, but is also given a startling spatial roof structure of glass and steel named the High Light. The dome's structure is transparent, light and open. The glass roof structure refers to the history of the building as the centre of the international diamond trade. Like a polished diamond, it sparkles in the light allowing the Diamond Exchange to shine again.

The winners will be announced at the MIPIM Awards ceremony 15 September in Paris.

Photos: Capital C Amsterdam, Jan Willem Kaldenbach Photography, ZJA



Diamond Exchange, Capital C Amsterdam, Amsterdam

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