E11 underground parking garage, Abu Dhabi

Colorful parking garage with curved walls

The E11 underground parking garage in Abu Dhabi not only provides a solution to the growing need for parking facilities but also serves as a pilot project for future parking amenities in the region.

Color schemes and signage

In the ZJA design of the E11 underground parking garage, user-friendliness is paramount. Significant attention has been devoted to simple and consistent color schemes and signage. These elements not only ensure a streamlined appearance but also facilitate navigation within the garage. A carefully crafted lighting plan enhances the sense of security and orientation, utilizing natural daylight to its fullest extent.

Glass panels and smooth, curved facades

 The entrances and exits of the parking garage are surrounded by glass panels, creating a sense of openness and safety. These panels act as landmarks and provide clear visibility of the surroundings. The use of smooth, curved walls eliminates dark corners, reinforcing the feeling of security and enhancing user comfort.

Comfortable environment

The sleek ceiling of the garage, concealing installations discreetly, contributes to a calm and pleasant atmosphere. This not only optimizes acoustics and air quality but also creates a welcoming environment for both drivers and pedestrians.

Integration of commercial features

The ZJA design also incorporates the integration of commercial features within the parking garage and its immediate vicinity. These additions not only enrich the user experience but also enhance the overall convenience and functionality of the facility, offering opportunities for shops, dining establishments, and other services.

Awards: IPI Award of Excellence: Best Design of a Parking Facility and New Sustainable Parking & Transportation Facilities Excellence.

Architect: ZJA Client: Department of Transport (DoT) In Collaboration with: PARSONS International Year: 2015

Project: #761



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