Lecture SILT Middelkerke - November 22 CBK Middelburg

This year, the Center for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture Zeeland (CBK) is organizing a series of Architect Tables with the theme 'Water'. On November 22, architect Leo ten Wolde will introduce the fourth and final Architect's Table of this year in Middelburg with a lecture about the SILT Middelkerke event building. The design by ZJA in collaboration with OZ, DELVA Landscape Architects and Bureau Bouwtechniek is now in the final phase of implementation.

Leo ten Wolde (project architect at ZJA) says: “Our design of the SILT event building on the Flemish coast in Middelkerke fits in seamlessly with the 'Water' theme. Multidisciplinary design power takes on threats from nature here. And that results in a structure that combines coastal management, quality of life and sustainability."

SILT makes room for the coast

The designers integrated the striking events building into a renovated sea wall and dune landscape, which rewrites the historic relationship of the seaside resort of Middelkerke with the sea. The building and the 4,500 m2 promenade will soon stand on 3,000 m2 of stamped concrete and 153 retaining and storm walls, calculated for 1,000 years of storm risk. 

The design not only strengthens the sea wall and makes it car-free, but it is also part of a qualitatively improved public space.

Read more about the design of SILT Middelkerke here, and here about the design process.



Architect tables CBK Middelburg

This year, 70 years after the flood disaster, the CBK wants to highlight the theme of water at different scales. A spatial element that plays a major role in the design of the coastal region, reinforced by the national principle that 'soil and water must guide' in spatial design. 

After Leo ten Wolde's lecture on November 22, Patricia van de Berge, this year's witness, and the audience will discuss her insights and suggestions to jointly formulate workable principles for architectural design.

Practical information

Architect's table November 22, 2023, with introduction by Leo ten Wolde (ZJA) about SILT Middelkerke
Location: CBK Zeeland, Balans 17 Middelburg
Time: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Free admission, drinks afterwards



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