The restructuring of the former Oostergasfabriek located in Amsterdam created space for housing, shops, a music- and a sports centre. The architectural office ZJA in association with BAM utiliteits bouw developed a design for the sports centre in a ‘design & build commission’.

In order to keep the buildable area of the sports centre as small as possible we chose to combine the building functions over multiple levels with two entrances linked by a central hall, which also provides access to all functions within the building.

The multifunctional space, offices, a meeting area and a gym (14 x 22m) located at ground level. The bigger sports hall (30m x 48m) including the changing/dressing rooms and the storage space are situated on the second level and on the third level you will find the grandstand. This clear organisation keeps the amount of circulation area to a minimum.

During the day the sports centre will be used by local students.
The big hall can be split into three areas by raisable dividing walls. In the evening and during the weekend several sports can be played; the sportshall is suitable for volleyball, soccer, basketball, handball, gymnastics and badminton.

The façade consists of brickwork and refers to the industrial character of the Oostergasfabriek. Smaller elements of the brickwork are placed in alternating patterns and refract the big surface of the facades, giving the design a human scale. Different types of masonry bonds amplify the layering of the façade.

The entrances on the north and south side are covered by a big overhang created by a cut out from the façade, ensuring a transparent appearance. From this point the building opens itself to the outside world.

Client: Bam Utiliteitsbouw

project 0397