The new sports centre for both top-class and recreational sports is part of the future quarter Almere-Poort. The building is located near the Hollandse Brug and is visible from the Highway A6 and the railway. It is the only building in this part of the polder, and that will remain so for a few years.

The top-class sports with its field of 40 x 20 metres functions as the home base for the Omniworld Volleyball and Basketball top clubs. It is also suitable for handball and indoor football. There are 2.235 regular seats, including 370 business seats; on the extension tribune there are yet 780 seats. The tribunes can be reached through a large walkway, which also offers a view of the field. Because of this flexible extension of seats the hall meets the norms of most important matches, such as the European and the World Championships, as well as a number of European indoor championships. It suits the ambition of a top sports hall with this status to organise these kinds of matches.

The recreational sports hall has a field of 76 x 32 metres and will be used by schools in the daytime. For these occasions the hall can be sectioned into four parts by means of extendable dividing walls. At night and on weekends the sports hall will be used by recreational sports clubs. The hall can be used for all kinds of sports, such as volleyball, basketball, handball, indoor football, korfball and badminton. The hall features stands with 250 seats over the entire length of the playing field. It can therefore also be used used for exams and small-scale events, such as jumble sales and fairs.

The building measures some 100 x 70 metres and its highest point is 15 metres high. The dimensions of the building are adapted to the minimal heights that the various sports require. Therefore, the top-class sports hall differs in shape from the recreational sports hall.

The entire volume of the hall is tiled with shiny, glazed jet-black tiles of 119 x 119 millimetres. These relatively small tiles are used as pixels on a screen, forming tableaux in the mosaic depicting the sports that can be played in the hall.

The facilities are situated between the two halls. The changing rooms share the middle corridor, so that top-sports players and amateur players can meet one another. The cafeteria on the first floor is also situated between the two halls, providing the spectators with a view of both top sports and recreational sports.

Client: Gemeente Almere

Winner best venue 2015 in the Dutch middle region.

Project: #332